Nursing Home Wandering Injuries

Occasionally you will hear news of a person who is suffering from dementia or wandering away from their residence. Unfortunately, this is often the result of a nursing home failing to provide adequate care. You don’t have to be a medical professional to know that if a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia elopes from a nursing home that they are at risk of suffering or injuring themselves in a number of different ways. Nursing homes are responsible for watching out for residents that may have a higher risk of wandering. However, many nursing homes are unstaffed or have improperly trained staff and this can lead to negligence. If you think that someone you care about has been injured because of wandering away from a nursing home, then you need to talk to a nursing home and wandering injury lawyer right away. They will make sure that you receive the compensation you may be entitled to for what you have been through.

Why do residents wander in nursing homes?

According to a study conducted in 2006, twenty percent of people with dementia will wander in a nursing home at least one time while suffering from their medical condition. A resident with dementia or Alzheimer’s that is new to the nursing home may wander because the environment is not familiar to them. They may be feeling overwhelmed by not recognizing anything and wander off in an attempt to find something they recognize. Another reason that wandering may occur is if a resident has changed medications recently. This change may make the resident uncomfortable and may make them more likely to start wandering. Finally, if a resident needs to use the restroom or eat, or feels that they are not getting enough social interaction and these needs are not being taken care of, they may wander off to find something that will help them get what they need.

What are steps that can be taken to prevent wandering?

It is important that nursing home staff keep a close eye on residents that have been determined to be at a high risk for wandering off. It is also recommended that high-risk residents be located closer to nursing stations so they can be more closely watched. It may be necessary to put alarms or bells on these residents’ doors or to lock the doors of the residents that may be most likely to wander off. Installing security cameras may also help prevent injuries that occur from wandering. The staff should be properly trained to assess a resident’s individual needs and care when they are at risk of wandering. This will help to ensure that they are safe but still have a sense of freedom. If a wandering incident or injury does occur, it should be properly documented and the family should be notified. This will help to limit the wandering incidents in the future so that residents do not get into dangerous situations where they might be severely injured.

If an injury has occurred, how can a Nursing Home Lawyer help me?

If you think that someone you know has been injured and wandering may be to blame, then it is advised that you speak with a nursing home lawyer with our firm. We care about our clients and will review your case and help to gather the evidence that may be needed to prove that the nursing home’s negligence led to the injury. We will help you to get the compensation you may be eligible for and make sure the nursing home is held responsible.

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